Tools for real-time patient documentation.

At Peak Response, we make cutting-edge technology accessible, simple, and integrated to serve the unique needs of the public safety community.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Streamlined Communication for
Optimal Patient Care

Peak Response enables first responders to capture patient observations from the very first moments on scene into a standardized electronic record that can be transferred into subsequent pre-hospital and hospital systems.

Peak Response mobile app form
  • Fill out forms without having to type using Voice-to-Text
  • View ER bed availability and notify destination hospitals using the Routed real-time network
  • Save time and paper with electronic signature capture

Scalable from Daily Dispatched Runs to
Mass Casualty Incidents

The best tool for an unexpected emergency is the one you already use every day. At the touch of a button, Peak Response becomes a real-time MCI coordination and situational awareness tool for responders on and off the scene.

Peak Response mobile app MCI patient counts
  • Watch initial approximate patient counts tally up in real-time without radio back-and-forth
  • Scan any triage tag barcode and attach an electronic record using the same hands-free Voice-to-Text interface
  • Automatically capture the GPS location of patients and visualize them on a map

Our Story

Dedicated to providing life saving efficiency.

Peak Response (formerly NaTriage) was initially conceptualized in 2019 as part of the Tech to Protect Challenge, sponsored by NIST PSCR, aimed at fostering technological innovation for emergency responders. The solution came out of a focus on a common pain point: time spent documenting injuries and incidents at the scene of mass casualty incidents. These incidents are chaotic, high-pressure environments where time spent documenting can mean the difference between life and death.

Portrait of Francis Li

Francis Li  |  Co-Founder/CEO  

Francis is a full-stack software architect with nearly two decades of experience building and launching new products in Silicon Valley. A serial entrepreneur, he has been a consultant, a co-founder and held executive level roles in numerous prior startups where he was responsible for executing the development of new web and mobile applications and services across a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, digital marketing, and entertainment. With a complementary background in interaction design, Francis is also a passionate advocate for user-centered design and serves as a bridge facilitating the tight integration between product and engineering. Francis holds BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a Master of Interaction Design degree from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

Portrait of Britt Jensen

Britt Jensen  |  Co-Founder/Advisor  

Prior to co-founding Peak Response, Britt worked in product design consulting where she helped develop everything from medical devices to children’s toys for clients around the world. She is passionate about bringing user-centered products to industries that are not traditionally design-focused and believes that everyone, no matter how highly trained, is able to do their work more effectively with well-designed products. Britt is a graduate of Stanford University’s design program.

Portrait of Charlie Fair

Lieutenant Charlie Fair  |  Advisor  

Lieutenant Charlie Fair brings over 30 years of EMS, public safety, and government experience to the Peak Response team. He has unique interdisciplinary expertise and likes to say that he speaks both “public safety” and “information technology.” Lt Fair responded to many local disasters, mass casualty incidents (MCI), and tornadoes during his career and is now passionate about contributing to technology innovation in the public safety space.

I am excited to be working with Peak Response to help get this life-impacting technology into the hands of the responders.

— Lt Charlie Fair

Portrait of Ray Lehr

Chief Ray Lehr  |  Tech to Protect Mentor, Former Advisor  

Chief Ray Lehr has worked in public safety for over four decades. As a fire chief and incident commander, he has first hand knowledge of the needs of first responders at mass casualty events. For the past 10 years he has supported the development of new technologies to help public safety improve their operations to increase efficiency and save lives. Ray was a mentor to the Peak Response team during the Tech to Protect challenge and an advisor until his retirement in 2023.

Working with smart developers like Francis and Britt who are driven to help solve technology problems for first responders is a wonderful opportunity to do good for our communities.

— Chief Ray Lehr

GPL and AGPL logos

Free. Open Source. Standards Based.

Peak Response is being developed in the open as free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. Browse our source code repositories on GitHub.

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